Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mind map

The other day I organized a mind map workshop. It finished with success. Do you know the word or the way of mind map? Mind map might be familiar in your country. I invited some foreigners to this workshop. Some of them were really surprised saying "In Japan at school don't children learn it?".
The answer is "no, they don't learn it". And my daughter who works for art college, said "I learned at art school." In an art world it might be familiar.

Anyway making a mind map makes our brain active through showing our own images, listening to our own words, feeling our own impressions.  And we can bring our images into reality through mind map. Once our images are translated into reality, it's easier to see the way to solve our problems, and we get closer to reaching to our dream.

This time we made a mind map about our future in 20??. I draw my future in 2023.
Do you know keywords when we draw our future. The teacher showed five key words. They are house, health, wealth, society, and cultivation.

It was easy for me to understand the first four keywords. But the last keyword "cultivation" made me surprised.
Well, well, will I be able to continue to learn English in ten years? Learning English is the word which came across my mind first on the cultivation branch.
I'll introduce some words which came across my mind on each branch.
Health; playing golf with Yuki,  Yuki's good health, travel to the U.S.A and France
House; organized, chatting with lots of people at home
Wealth; 50,000,000 yen (the teacher suggested when we think about money, concrete numerical targets are necessary.)
Society;needed person, earning pocket money not only pension
Cultivation; learning English, reading English picture books, making Japanese poems

What mind map do you draw about your future in 20?? ?


Anonymous said...

In one university class, we were required to write our own obituaries...which is very similar to your exercise. It made you project into the future to the end of your life and list what you were known for, your accomplishments or contributions to society, where you were living at the time of your death, age, etc. It really made you think of what you still wanted to do in your life and how others might remember you. Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks Jan, did you do mind map at university? Recently I knew the word, and had opportunities twice. Doing mindmap made my images and thinking more concret. It was interesting. I'd like to organizne this workshop next year again.