Friday, July 19, 2013

Ms. Sakuragi won the Naoki Prize.

Ms. Sakuragi who is 48 years old won the Naoki Prize this year. She describes herself as a homemaker. Since now her job is a professional writer.
Her comment was interesting.
I don't want to say that I wanted to be a writer. So I'm saying I've wanted to be a writer. If I give it up in my life, I can't tell my children to hang in there when they have to bear something or pursue their dream with difficulty.
 I know not all efforts are rewarded with a big success. but to continue something must get something worth. And showing the attitude to kids is really useful.

She also said.
I'm glad that I didn't give up my dream.
I'm glad that I kept going and made it .
Everything will work itself out.

And she mentioned encounter with people.
I believe encounter with people makes me always happy. It brings me a good luck. So I let me keep up the wind of luck.
encounter with people, it's a good word, and necessary word for me to make me active. I always care about encounter with people.

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