Monday, July 01, 2013

Scrabble game

Did you play board games when when you were little? I used to play "Game of life", of course in Japanese version.
The other day I had a chance to play a board game, which is Scrabble game. Is it or was it familiar in your country?
Mike who runs his own English class, hold an event just to enjoy English through playing game. The fee was 1000 yen, but he prepared some kinds of drinks, (including calorie zero coke for him), sweets, snacks for people who don't like sweet, and cakes. Nine adults attended at the event.

One is an high school English teacher, some are private English school teachers, some are beginner of learning English, some are just Mike's friends.
To concentrate on playing game changed us into kids. It was fun.

Adults often have to think many things hardly and logically. But sometimes it is necessary to play with someone simply.  Thanks Mike to give such a wonderful opportunity.


Helen said...

Oooh! Scrabble! That is one of my two favourite board games. I think Scrabble is a good game for adults. It isn't easy and it helps you learn new words.

My other favourite game is Trivial Pursuit, but hardly anyone in Japan plays it.

Mieko said...

Do you use one with your students? No, it's not easy, but it's fun. What is "Trivial Pursuit" like? Is it easy for English learners?

Helen said...

I didn't use Scrabble with my students as it is too hard. It is too hard to play with my husband too...his spelling isn't good!

Trivial Pursuit could be easy if you get the right type of is a general knowledge quiz game, but there are many different types of questions. Some people have a Disney version, so all questions about about Disney Movies. I don't think they made a version for learners of English :-(

Mieko said...

I have bee to Disney land, but I'm not into Disney, so Disney version must be difficult for me. Anyway I'll try to get one. Thanks Helen.