Thursday, July 04, 2013

Tanabata week

In Japan July 7 is TANABATA (Star  Festival). We write our wish on a strip of paper and hang them on SASA-trees.  I don't have a real SASA-tree, so I put an artificial SASA-tree in front of the door and enjoy decorating.
Let me introduce four girl's wish.
In the case of the 5-year old girl, her wish is drawing better. What a cute wish it is!
And I have three students who are in the fifth grade.
H; "I have no wish"
Me; "Try to think something. Thinking something is important".
H; "My future dream will become true".
Me;"What is your future dream?"
H; "Nothing"
Me; "Try to think something. Thinking something is important".
H; "I want to own a cake shop".
Me; "It's good. It might be a tentative dream, but anyway you tried to draw your future."
A; "I want to have more time to relax".
I know what she means is to take a bath more longer. Her bath time is limited --- because it's too long.
Me; "How long do you want to take a bath?"
A; "At least one hour".
Now her bath time is limited to 45 minutes.
She is an only child, so she can have enough time to take a bath.
When student Y heard this conversation, she said.
Y; "I want to take a bath by myself."
She has four younger sisters, and she has to take care of her sisters. She has to take a bath at least with two younger sisters and wash their hair.
Anyway we enjoyed writing something on strips of paper. What a peacful world it is!

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