Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vision map

Have you ever heard of vision map? The other day I attended a meeting and made my vision map.
I don't  know how vision map is introduced in your country, however in Japan vision map is introduced like the following;
To make a long story short, vision map makes us feel our conscious of our ideals and dreams more closely. So prepare a sheet, and put anything on the sheet freely to draw your dream more concretely.

It's difficult for me to draw my dream. If I were in my early 20's, I must have thought I would get married. And now I'm married. If I were in my late 20's, I must have thought we would get richer. Now we are not so rich, but we are satisfied with our current econoic situation. I want to keep this economic situation, I want to keep my health condition against aging. I want to keep our house clean against deterioration. Yes I have lots of things I want to keep. On the other hand I have to accept my aging and deterioration of this house.

While I was thinking what I want to keep, I reached  a goal. What I really want to keep from is isolation from the outside world. Probably my daughters won't come back to Utsunomiya, so I or we have to live by myself  or by ourselves. So we have to strengthen our pipeline with the community of Utsunomiya, we won't be able to  rely on our family relation.

I draw a sentence in the center of the sheet.
" I'd like to communicate with everyone at the kitchen table.".
Why at the kitchen table? Because being at the kitchen table  is the most casual place  for me in my house. I invite guests to the living room, but when we have a meal together, usually we let them sit at the kitchen table.

And I put a photo of an organized room and wrote that I hope to live in an organized house with an organized garden. (It means I have to clean the rooms more and keep weeding.)
I put a photo of a piano adding the phrase of "enjoy wonderful music".
I put a photo of Japanese green tea adding the phrase of "enjoy Japanese style life sometimes wearing Kimono".
I put a photo of a festival because there were many people of various generations. And wrote I hope to enjoy chatting with people of various generations from babies to a seniosr.
I put a photo of people enjoying doing walking. and I wrote that I want to keep enough physical strength to keep me positive.
And of course I put a photo of a delicious meal. And I wrote that I have to keep having enough apatite to keep fit. To keep having enough apatite, delicious meals are necessary, so I have to enjoy going out to have delicious meals . It means I can continue one of hobbies that is going out to cafe for a right reason. It's not a luxury or you can say it's a good excuse.

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