Monday, July 08, 2013

Water lilies? or Lotus flowers?

How was your weekend? Yuki and I had a good  and busy weekend.
We went to see water lilies at a pond. --- probably they are water lilies. Do you know the difference between water lilies and lotus flowers?
Water lilies bloom on the water, and lotus flowers bloom above the water.
The leaf of the water lily has a cut line and  a shine, but the leaf of  the lotus flower doesn't have them.
This pond is not so popular, so it was so quiet. We could walk around the pond.
I think that the leaves in the front and the back of the photo are lotus, and in the middle there are water lilies. Unfortunately we couldn't see lotus flowers.
After walking around the pond we went to a small restaurant. There they served such dishes.

 Yes, it was a Russian restaurant in Tochigi prefecture. They served beet soup,sauerkraut, and main dish with rye bread. Afterwards they served Russian tea.
I've been to a Russian restaurant in Tokyo once.  We don't know real Russian dishes, but anyway we enjoyed these Russian dishes.

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