Monday, July 29, 2013

Where we work, and what we work for.

Yesterday I went to TOKYO with four high school students. As I told you, I live in a local city Utsunomiya. It is not a big city and not a small city. It's really easy to live. It takes 150 km from Tokyo.Some people say it's not so far from a big city. It might be true. However in Japan the transportation cost is high. If we use a bullet train, it takes about 1 hour to Tokyo but it costs 8000 yen (about 80 dollars) round trip. If we use a local train, it takes more than 2 hours to Tokyo but it costs 4000 yen round trip.
So it seems to be near, but it's far considering our usual life.

Why we went to Tokyo, the reason is that I want to let them to attend one day workshop at a college. It was free including lunch and tea time. They took three classes, which were college tour, calligraphy lesson, English conversation lessons. And they also had a chance to talk with the alumni about their job. A woman works at a flight attendant, a man works at a big hotel. A man works at a travel agency. They have a chance to use English they learned at college.

Two of the high school students seemed to be interested in what they want to be after their graduation. So they are searching what field they want to study at college.  For them the information seemed to be useful.
On the other hand the rest of two seemed to stick to work in Utsunomiya. It means the number of types of jobs is less than one in a big city. so they are searching what field is most effective to work in Utsunomiya.

When I was young, I lived in Tokyo, so I didn't need to think where I worked. There were lots of types of jobs.
I like living in Utsunomiya, so now seeing the young girls, I have a complicated feeling.

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