Monday, January 20, 2014

a book

This is a Japanese book. The title is --- though it's my translation, "the elderly who are liked by others & the elderly who are not liked by others."

This winter vacation I was knocked by my mother's nonstop talking. (You can say bossy talking, selfish talking --etc.)  I know it's really difficult to change her, because she lives alone  for a long time, so she doesn't use to adjust to others. And my daughters say "it's you in the future". I agree with them. So I bought this book to reconsider myself.

The contents were not so special, reasonably enough.
The author classifies brain into two types, boring brain and happy brain.
He suggests 4 ways to avoid having boring brain.

Don't pretend like being young. (though I pretend like being old enough)
Don't act self-importantly (though I tend to say that in my time ---)
Don't realize yourself it means don't say that when I get old, finally I realize what the life is.)
Don't be proud of yourself. (Well I don't agree with it, when we get old, we are qualified to proud of ourselves.)

I'd like to give this book to my mother, but if I did, she must be really angry.
So for me in the future, I put the book somewhere to be able to seen it --- it means toilet must be the best place for me and for "Yuki".

Additionally, when I was a child, the elderly had been a little bit arrogant, a little bit selfish and everybody would accept them. Nowadays we seen not to afford to accept such the elderly. Current life is getting difficult to live for both of the young and the elderly.

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