Wednesday, January 29, 2014

foreigners and relgions

"Probably" here in Japan many people especially young people say " we don't have a particular religion." On the other hand though they don't have a strong faith, foreigners who come  or live in Japan say " my religion is ----". When we talk with them, if we don't know their religion well, it's sometimes difficult to understand them.

And, though I say "I don't have a particular religion", my character seems to be built by Buddhism.
I don't know about Buddhism very well, but some friends who are from foreign countries say "Oh, you idea comes from Buddhism." It's interesting that I don't know about Buddhism very well, but other people who have a faith, know about other religions.

The other day I talked with a lady who has a (mild) Jewish faith. We talked about volunteering which means doing something  for free. ( I read English picture books at library, I go to nursery school to do English activities for free.)
What she said was very interesting. "The good point of Christian faith is that they have an open mind to volunteer for others. The people who have the Jewish faith tend to be interested in only the people how have the Jewish faith."
In my case, I don't have a strong volunteer spirit. So I always think about my volunteer activities (or I always think whether it's a volunteer activity or it's my hobby.) So sometimes I think   that if I were a Christian, I would never hesitate my (volunteer) activities.

Recently I became a friend with a Indian lady who has the Hindu faith and is a  strict vegetarian.
It's fun to talk with her, but sometimes we are surprised at each other.

Before knowing others, I need to understand what is Buddhism, --- though I don't like to read such kind of books.

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