Friday, January 03, 2014

Happy new year

 Happy New Year, though three days has already past.
On the New Year's day, my mother, our daughters, Yuki and I were saw the wonderful rising sun from the upstairs window.
Then we celebrated New Year with our homemade OSECHI.
OSECHI is a Japanese traditional feast for the day. This time my younger daughter came here two days ago, so we made them together. Do you remember each dish has a special meaning. If you are interested in OSECHI, please check my previous blog.
Then we were going to go to a shrine, but it was too crowded, and a lot of people were waiting to pray in a long line. So we just saw the gate of shrine from the window of our car.

Then my mother came back to TOKYO by train.
Then Our elder daughter T and I went seeing a friend who was studying even on the New Year's day in a laboratory of Utsunomiya college. Yuki and the younger daughter M were resting at home. At night T went seeing her friends who went to junior high school together.
The others were resting at home, it means Yuki was drinking.

On 2 T drove to TOKYO with Yuki. According to Yuki, her driving skill was getting better. She seems to have a car in Tokyo, but----.
On the other hand, M and I went to Tokyo by bullet train. Because her belly felt bloated easily. (Did I tell you that she is four month pregnant.)
M's husband came to Tokyo station, and they came back to their house. The others attend Yuki's relatives reunion. And we dropped by my mother's house and met my brother's family and went back to Utsunomiya.
What busy days they were. Fortunately during this new year's vacation, it was warm than I expected.
Well, our silent day has come back.
Now I'm thinking about New Year's resolution.

I was always thinking how I use "time" effectively. Now I have to change the way. I try to think how I use "time" with satisfaction. For example, I used to cook by myself to "save" money. it means if I were rich I could hire a made.  Well, well, now I can afford to buy prepared food at a good quality store, though it's sometimes. So we could buy OSECHI at a good quality department store, but I didn't. I enjoyed making OSECHI, Of course some people prefer going abroad to cooking at home.

2014 has started. Let's enjoy this year together.


Helen said...

Happy New Year Mieko!

I hope your daughter M is feeling better. Does she have morning sickness?

When my sister was pregnant, she didn't have morning sickness, but she couldn't eat chocolate, bananas or strawberries! The smell from them made her feel bad.

Mieko said...

Happy new year Helen, thanks for your oomment and thans for your kind message.
M's condition is not so bad, though she sometimes feel slight sick, and her belly tends to be bloated. Though I didn't know that these days women who are in pregnant shouldn't eat SASHIMI, so this New Year's vacation she couldn't eat herrin roe that is her favorite. How's your New Year's vacation?