Wednesday, January 08, 2014


Have you ever heard of the name of TODA NATSUKO. She is a subtitle editor. In Japan foreign movies are subtitled in Japanese, though these days dubbed versions are increased. But making a dubbed version is expensive, so subtitled versions still remain. I heard that this culture which means subtitled movies in Japanese is a Japanese culture. Usually subtitled movies are for the deaf. Probably almost 100% Japanese people can read Japanese, so we have such a culture.
But there are not so many professional subtitle editors in Japan. She is one of them.

I went to listen to her lecture. She is now 77 years old. Her behavior is very nice, like being in the 40's. And her talking is really clear. Of course the contents were nice and her behavior made me surprised. Because she is just two years older than my mother.

Why she loos so active? One reason is that she is always surrounded by new experiments through new movies. Keeping a job must make her active.

Why she looks so strong? One reason is that she is single, so she learnt to live without depending others.

After her talking, many people asked her about movies, and her English.
I wanted to ask her about her senior life after retiring her job, but --- I couldn't.
Probably in her case, she ,must have lots of helpers, she can keep her life in an apartment.

Well, well, anyway, lots of young people came to listen to her.
I wish I could be a such senior to which many young people would listen to. My daughters and my mother don't listen to me.

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