Tuesday, April 07, 2015


Last Sunday I went out to a "Marche". I don't know the word of "Marche" is familiar or not.
These days here and there Marche is hold, where many shops who don't have their own real shops or they want to advertise their shops are temporary open in an each tent.

Well, we have another style which called "YATAI". They have the same style, at festivals many tents where mainly foods are sold  are temporary open, the people who held the tents are called "tekiya", they move from one place to another place to look for festivals.

Additionally when I was a young mother, "flea market" used to be popular. There mainly families or friends groups held a temporary store. I used to open our stores to sell children's good which we didn't need  with my family and my freinds' families.

The Marche I went to was a little bit different from usual Marche.
Usually Marche is crowded with young people, the main reasons is that the owner of each temporary store is  young and energetic to sell and advertise their shop. And they are proud of their things so the products and foods are not so inexpensive. So for senior people Marche is not so interesting place.
But yesterday's Marche was different.
Because it was hold at a day-care- center which is a kind of senior center.
Sometimes  center festivals are held like a school festival, but it was Marche.
Some attractive shops which are very popular with young people attended it.
On the other hand some volunteer groups in the local area attend it.
And a junior high school joined as staff.So from children to seniors enjoyed the Marche easily.

Even though we had a little bit rain, we enjoyed seeing a big cherry blossom tree.
We could eat delicious foods. I ate curry and rice served by a popular Indian restaurant. On the other hand we could eat two-rice ball for 100 yen which were served by a volunteer group.

These days I try not to buy things which decorate the rooms, I try to keep simple rooms. But it's difficult without buying something to enjoy such Marche.
I knew that a popular craft-woman was in the Marche, so I bought this thing and decorate the "outside" the entrance.

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