Saturday, August 01, 2015

Akari got one year old -4-

One hear has passed since Akari was born.
When M came back to this home last summer she said " I will go back to Tokyo as soon as possible but anway I have to stay here in one month". She was so --- offensive, or she says " at that time I was till your child, I was rebbelious." Now she is a mother  --- she is very clever, it means she takes more easy way, So she often come back here. Of course there are some reason. One reason, another Akari's mother is not so in good condition, so she has to go to Sendai. However it's a little bit difficult to go straingt to Sendai, so first she comes here and stay one night and she goes to Senday by burrent train to and from. And  --- she stays with us for a few days to take a rest.
Anyway I made this photo book as a memory.
I downloaded an application in my ipad and ordered this photo book using photos on my ipad.
It was very easy and not so expensive.
I added some HAIKU (short Japanese poem) in each page.

On the other hand M made photo book to go to a photo shop.

One year changed us a lot.
To tell the truth, Yuki and I are very happy when they come back here, however, I don't like vacuum after they go back to Tokyo.
And probably I do to much for them and after they go back to Tokyo I'm really tired.
So this is our today's breakfast.
 Well, well, our usually life of two of us has started.
--- though in one week OBON vacation comes.

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