Saturday, August 01, 2015

Akari got one year old. -1-

Since I updated this blog last time, one week has passed. It's August!
During the last week,  our younger daughter M and our grand daughter Akari was staying here in Utsunomiya.
We celebrated her one-year- birthday.
This is her lunch.
I cooked simmered vegetables (tasted soy sauce a little), grilled hamburger stake ( not only for her but also ours) and made cold potato soup.
They and Akari's father came here to Utsunomiya around noon, so in the morning I cooked some (for me lots) of dishes.

The main was hamburger stakes, because Akari also could eat it.
The hamburger for adults were "huge", because I bought 1kg grand pork, and  ----" this is a very important point ". Yuki said,--- Yuki kneaded the ingredients of hamburger. In his life it was the first time, and I hope it wouldn't be the last time.
And the special is --- the cake with her likeness.
Near my house there is a Japanese sweet shop, these days probably the owner's son help his parents and he is good at cake. So now the sweet shop serves Japanese sweets and cakes. And he makes such a cake with likeness.
Akari doesn't eat such cake yet, and unfortunately she didn't seem whose face it is on the cake. But Akari's mother (our daughter) and father seemed very happy.
It is not a Japanese custom, but I like this idea.

Akari's birthday is July 24. It is a weekday, so Akari's mother and father celebrated the birthday instantly the early morning at their house in Tokyo,
Next day they came to Utsunomiya, and we celebrated her birthday again like this way.
Then next day they went to Sendai. There another Akarai's grandmother and Akaria's parents celebrated her birthday again.
It means she got three year old in three days.
In Senday, Akari carried "ISHOU MOCHI" which is huge rice cake on her back and belly.  To be collect they tried to her to carry them but failed.
It is a Japanese custom in some area ( I knew this custom when I came here to Utsunomiya). It means the baby will never suffer hunger.
And on the same day M and Akari came back to Utsumoiya, Akari's father came back to Tokyo.

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