Friday, September 04, 2015

It's strange.

September has already started. This month I decided to subscribe to the newspaper for kids.
It's very interesting. For me it's really easy to understand our political things.
And the English page is fun, but---
sometimes it's not so good.
This time stalls of food stands in summer festivals are introduced.
cotton candy, shaved ice, shooting gallery, goldfish scooping--they are OK. (though these days mable scooping  is more popupalr than goldfish scooping.)
However --- chow mein ---. Probably fried noodle is easier to understand, but it 's OK, because in Chinese it's called chow mein.
The strange thing is the KATAKANA sound. It's  ch- o- m-ai-n.
I think if we try to write in KATAKANA, it's ch-au-m-ai-n.
What do you think of it?

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