Friday, February 26, 2016

A living report

I'll tell you how "far" to go to TOKYO by local train instead of car or bullet train! 
Let's start!

I'm waiting for a bus.
The fee is 210 yen to the station. 

Now I'm at Utsunomiya station.
I have to shop.

It's 10:47.
Now I'm in the train, which leaves at 10:56.
I'm a perfect grandmother with lots of bags. The green one is only mine.

One more train!

It takes 10minutes walk from here.

Yuki and our elder daughter joined us, and had dinner together at a Chinese restaurant in the evening. 
It's 19:08.
Now we  are on the bullet train. In 50minutes we are going to arive Utsunomiya, and take a taxi to home. 
So probably at 20:35 we will have been at home. 
How fast the transportation by bullet train is!

Good night!

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