Monday, February 15, 2016

After Valentine's Day

How was your Valentine's Day?
Yesterday Yuki and I had a good lunch at a nice café.

And we were going to go shopping to a department store.
We have two shopping centers which are popular with families. and a department store which deals with a little bit expensive things.
Then we were surprised, because we saw a long line to go into the parking lot of the department store, so we gave up. On the other hand usually on weekdays the roads ahead to shopping centers are crowded (their parking lots are enough large but the roads are often crowded.) but yesterday they weren't crowded. Probably wives wanted to buy something more expensive than usual for their husbands?????.
In our case we went to a shoe shop, and Yuki bought two pairs of new shoes.
This is today's breakfast.
Today I opened a little bit expensive chocolate I bought for (Yuki) and me. 

And I put away the decorations for Valentine's Day, and put these HINA dolls to celebrate HINA-festival on March 3.

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