Friday, February 12, 2016

Before Valentines day

Valentine's day is just around the corner.
Have you prepared something for the day yet?
In Japan " as a custom" women present  tiny things for men to show their usual thanks (not love).
So I already gave a small chocolate box to the master of Karaku, and bought special chocolate for me and (Yuki) and stock it in the shelf until on the day.
Of course I've presented some tiny things to my students and my friends including audience at Karaku for this week.
This year I found a funny thing which is paper mask with lots of hearts.
It's caught a big hit, though nobody seems to wear it in front of others.
For students I've made Valentine card using "doilies".
For us the word "doily" us not unfamiliar.
A few years ago my friend living in America sent some doilies made by thin PVC.
They are really practical, I've used them carefully and repeatedly for some years. But some of them got dirty and I had to dispose them. Now I have some doilies, and this time I decided to use them for arts and crafts showing the picture book.

How do you enjoy Valentine's day?

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