Monday, February 01, 2016


I struggled with Instagram. Anyway I did it.
This is my Instagram page for my meals.
I didn't know that Instagram is able to be organized only by iphone or ipad.
I hope you who sometimes drop my diary, and fotolog members come to my Instagram.

This time I put my own photo on the profile place.
I had been hesitated until then, however, these days I had a good photo of me which was taken by my daughter. When I saw ONO-YOUKO exhibition, I did some performance to experience her works. The photo is one of my performances.

Last week I faced into this new computer with Windows 10. I have almost finished to organize it, and the PC and I are settled.

While I was organizing my files and photos in my old PC, I decided to let go of my books.
Now I'm waiting for cardboard boxes.
These days it seems to be very convenient.
I asked a bookseller to buy my old books, then they send some cardboard boxes and take them for free.
It's better than to put them into recycle boxes. Someone might read or buy my books.
I thought I would take them into the library, but most of them are paper books, so they don't deal with them.

Did you remember the word "dan-sya-ri". I still continue to  throw away 15 things in a week.
For me "dan-sya-ri" is more effective that KONMARI-method.

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