Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Karaku in Feburary

Yesterday it was a day of KARAKU. it means I am an one-day pianist.
For two years I have been doing this activity with a local pro-actress "Masako-san".
We show about 30-minute show. First I play some tunes with piano, and she shows about 10-minute- performance, usually reading a short essay or some poems.
This time she introduced love letters written by famous writers, because as you know Valentine's day is just around the corner.
And I play some tunes again as a background music, it means customers at this cafe enjoy talking hearing my music. (not listen to my music)
And she show about 5-minute performance again. Usually she reads something I prepare beforehand.
And I play the last tune.
That's all.

It's not a job.I'm not a pro-pianist. However I got a chance to play the piano in front of audience coincidentally, and after that I can be served this treat without paying. So it's a kind of job because about a 800yen reward ( If I paid this sweet set) is offered for our 30 minute performance.
I'm a lucky person.
On the other hand Masako-san is professional actress, so usually she earns money from her performance. So in her case it's a volunteer job. Until now she enjoys this performance. Because she can read any things without banding royalty. In Japan we don't pay royalty to publisher or writers on volunteer reading.

So I'm a lucky person from this reason.
However Masako-san seems to be more busy, so I know until when she will be able to perform with me.
Anyway I have a good time once a month at Karaku.

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