Monday, February 08, 2016


This is Sarashi.
Do you know how this is used?
In English it is called breached cotton, (I know now, and it's right literally.)
Fortunately I have kept the rest of unused SARASHI  in a storage.
When my children were baby, I used as their diaper.
Of course Akari doesn't use it. Nowadays we use paper diaper (though some naturalist use cloth diaper)
When my children were child, I often use them as big bandages to wrap their knees,  as a towel to cool their head against high fever, or as a belly warmer.
So all of them except Yuki owed it.
And finally Yuki needed it for this weekend.
Accidentally (not accidentally he practiced play too much) he twisted his low back.
I applied some cold compresses. I think the low backs must be better to be settled. First I suggested to put low-back-band. But it was a little bit too tight.
So I wrapped his low back with this SARSSHI.
It worked very well.
Not too tight, not too loose.

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