Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Today, it is SETSUBUN, the day of throwing beans, the day of eating beans as many as your age.
Well, if you are interested in SETSUBUN, please get the information from the net.
Anyway we ate 6 beans each, though I took the photo after Yuki ate one (roasted soy) bean.
If we obeyed the rule, we would have to eat at least 55 soy beans, but it's too much,
So we rounded the number of our age to the 10, and ate beans equal to the number in the tenth place. (Does it make sense?)

Yesterday, I held a small workshop.
Read these books in Japanese and in English, and cooked some meals on the book.
This is Yorkshire Pudding. According to the book, Mary Poppins cuts it into squares for serving.
Though including me four participants were there, nobody knew real Yorkshire pudding.
However checking current Yorkshire Puddings on the net it seems not to be different from this. (the ingredients are not so different.)

If you know ordinal or old style Yorkshire Pudding, please tell me.


Rosa said...

That Yorkshire pudding looks good! I've made it sometimes, but it is too rich to eat very often. I think everyone has their own way of making it, but every way is tasty!

Mieko said...

Rosa, thaks for your comments.
Well, does"rich" mean including much oil?

According to this recipe, we used 1tablesppon of beef fat.
It was surely rich, but not oily.

According another recipe, olive oil is used.

Rosa said...

Yes, that's what rich means, I think. Very fatty.
That's a good recipe that only uses a little fat or oil. I usually make mine using butter, and lots of it!