Sunday, February 28, 2016


It's Sunday, it's at 11:14.
In the morning Yuki went to get a hair cut, and practice golfing. Probably in an hour he will come back.
While he was out, I did a weekend "mission" which is to throw away 15 things.
And -- solving a Sunday crossword puzzle. The puzzle of every last week is a little bit difficult, anyway I made it.
Do you know what is the strength between HB of pencils and H pencils?
I know the answer, but I didn't know the meaning. It was interesting.

And of course I cooked pre-cooked dishes for this week.
All of things are easy to cook, just simmer, or boil.
The one thing was a little bit elaborated. ( the word "elaborate" is too exaggerated in this case, what is the suitable word?)
I boiled SATOIMO (a kind of yam) while I grilled NEGI (a kind of leek), and after the yams were almost softened, I fried the yams and leeks with olive oil on another pan. After they were cooked perfectly, I marinated  them.

Yesterday I became into a little bit empty. It always happens to me after I go to Tokyo to meet my mother or my daughters. On the other hand If I lived with them in Tokyo, we would have quarrel every day. I know it. All of "the" women (including Akari) when they are together are really selfish.
Anyway the day was finished.
My usual day has started.

In the afternoon we are going to go downtown. Today one of my friends is holding an event.

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