Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The last volunteer activity at a nursery school

Yesterday I went to a nursery school and did a English activities with kids. It was not a job it was a volunteer work which means was not paid.
I had continued these activities for more than 12 years.

The first volunteer activity related to English was taking the foreigners' guests who stayed with us  to the elementary school where my daughters went at that time. So it was ---- unbelievable! --- more than 20 years ago.
At that time we had few occasions to see foreigners including the other Asian people.
And I started doing an English activity at elementary school as a member of PTA.
And for a while I had continued it as a volunteer work after my daughters graduated.

Then, even in Utsunomiya, English lessons was introduced regularly, which has organized by   ALTs (assistant language teachers) . So my voluntary work was finished.

Next I was asked to come to nursery schools, and started.
Some of them are public nursery schools and the others are half-public & half- private .
I had too much offer from nursery school to manage by myself. So I asked my members to help them.
However it was not enough.
So I decrease the number of visiting there. On the other hand some mothers at nursery school began to show interests to English activities. So spontaneously some small groups  appeared.
On the other hand, at half public & half-private nursery school they decided to introduce English activities regularly, so they hired professional kids' English teacher.
So my voluntary work was finished.

And -- (though it might not be related to anything) I decided to buy a new car because since I bought the car, 13 years have passed.
The history of my volunteer work is closed with my current car. --- Does it make sense?

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