Thursday, February 11, 2016

Though it's a holiday.

According to our calendar, today it's a holiday.
It's a simple holiday, it means probably we don't have any special events in public.

On the other hand Yuki goes to work as usual, and I have some lessons from the evening. So for me it's a usual day, except not going to workout. (Because the gym is closed.)
So I thought it was a lazy morning.

So after I finished usual house chores, I started to cook Chinese cabbage with white sauce.
And I noticed I have no Fryer Dustboxes.
I try to make and preserve some fryer dustboxes when I have nothing to do or after read the news paper. However I always forget it.

All of things make me happy.
Though it's OK to spend a holiday alone lazily, I sometimes feel left out.( I don't know what is the suitable word to express this my feeling.)

And I got a call from my friend. in 30 minutes she is to drop by me.

Anyway it is a busy holiday morning.

Jan, do you see it?
When I peel an apple, the skin goes to the box and I throw away the box into the garbage box.
When I measure some powder, I use the box as a cup, and after cooking, I throw away the box into the garbage box.

In my kitchen or most kitchens in Japan we don't have the system "direct garbage" (I named) of you. So many people put a small garbage box at the corner of the sink, but I don't like the way.


Anonymous said...

What do you do with them? Jan

Mieko said...

I updated my blog --Jan.
I'm glad to hear from you on this site.