Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Though spring is coming---

First, Thanks lots of comments on my previous diary. I'm really surprised and happy to know that I have many supporters.
Well, I thought if I started today's diary with "urgent" again, I could have got many comments.
And I know "urgent" is effective to use it a few times.

Day by day I feel spring coming. As you know I don't like a cold weather. So I like spring, on the other hand it the season of flu (early spring) and hay fever.

These are our protective measures.
The bottle of splay is used to wet our paper masks, The inside is water & tea-tree aroma oil, and etc.
The middle bottle is a role stick, the inside is also tea-tree aroma, and eucalyptus oil, we often apply it the back  of the ears. And the left bottle , which is also a role stick is for our nose. I and my students often the oil besides of our noses to prevent running nose.

And I got the yellow bottle. Herval Ayurvedic Balm. The smell is really really strong. so it's really effective for the stuffed-up noses.

These days "hay fever" is a common symptom in the world???
If you have a fay fever, or some seasonal allergic, what kinds of protective measure do you get?

Today it is the last day to do an English volunteer activity at a nursery school.
I decided to stop such activities.
I had continued it for more than 12 years.
I decided to stop it by myself, on the other hand when I think it is the last day, I feel a little bit sad? sentimental?
Anyway, it's time to go out.
Have a nice day.


Rosa said...

I have terrible pollen allergies, too. In the US, it it not common to wear masks to keep out the pollen. If you wear a mask, people will stare--and you can't go into a bank wearing one! Instead, I use medication. It helps, but makes me sleepy all the time. :)

Mieko said...

Actually I am taking medicine, constantly. They are not strong, so it works mild,do I use such herbal stuf, and additional to take some Japanese herbal medicine which are prescribed by a doctor. Anyway I recommend you to use some herbal treat.