Sunday, February 21, 2016

Urgent! Please tell me, somebody!

"r" is for a rope, "t" is for a tire,
and "e " is for ???  " w " is for ???

"m"   is for a mirror,  "d"  is for a drill 
"i "  is for ???

Please help my students and me!!!


Helen said...

W is for Wheelbarrow...

I think that is a J for jack.....

Those are my best guesses! I hope it helps :-)

marie said...

E for extinguisher,

Mieko said...

Helen, thanks. It was "j" , wasn't it. And wheelbarrow --- now I remembered it in Japanese.

Marie, thanks. Though I thought "syoukaki" which is Japanese and means extinguisher fast it might be too lonfg for kids (trolley for us) to memolize., it is an extinguisher, isn't it. Now we mastered the word. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

How about "E" is for echo or eat or ear?

Anonymous said...

"W" could also be wheel. "E" could be earth.

Mieko said...

Thanks someone.
I'm really happy to get such information.
earth is a good idea. and yes, I came up with the mind of wheel, but, it was rejected from my student. We wanted know the word "teoshiguruma" in Japanese and a wheelbarrow in English.
---you might think teoshiguram is also a big Japanese word.

Tim Frost said...

Sorry for joining in so late, but I couldn't resist "completing the picture", so to speak:

"a" for ax (US spelling) or axe (UK spelling)
"u" for umbrella
"c" for chain
"o" for oil can

Rosa said...

Could E be for "extinguisher"?

Mieko said...

WOW! I'm really really happy to get many information.
Thanks everyone.

"O" is for oil can, I see. not only "oil".
And Rosa, yes I think so. it's easier to guess extinguisher from the picture.

Well, everyone, if you had such type of Japanese picture books, I always help you.