Thursday, March 31, 2016

April haiku

Next month, I'll attend a meeting of my Haiku club.
Coincidently, now you can see and hear this program on NHK world program., I don't know until when you will able to listen to it. 20160328.html

So --- I made some haiku, Japanese seventeen syllable poem.

One-day nick name   Fresh green salad   with an "Easter egg"
(a seasonal word is Easter egg)

Sour and sweet  Fresh strawberry syrup  Have a rich scent
(a seasonal word is strawberry)

Lots of lentils  Being leaved to us  Birds has gone
(Birds have gone is a seasonal phrase)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The things they left

An Indian couple has gone back to India. They spent there in Utsunomiya for three months.
The couple and we (Yuki and I) become friends.  And I asked them to leave your goods ingredient instead of throwing them away.
And -- five kinds of lentils, kidney-beans,

spices including their garam masala, and black salt which smell sulfur

And Indian tea.

Oh, I almost forgot, special pickles she and her mother-in-law made. --- for YUKI!

So, I made lentil & potato soup with sour cream tasted by black salt, and fried pork with cumin seeds.

For a while I'll research Japanese & Indian foods!

Monday, March 28, 2016

about oil

What kind of oil do you use for cooking? olive oil? sesame oil? or canola oil?
I think here in Japan canola oil is very popular to fry, or deep-fry. And probably for dressing many people use olive oil or grape seed oil. And adding taste, we use sesame oil. --- though these are my opinions.
Coincidently I know the spring edible yellow flower "nano hana" is coleseed blossoms.  It's a different from canola-seed blossoms.
I didn't know it.
Canola-oil seems to contain less erucic acid and glucosinolates because of using genetically modified seeds.
Original coleseeds are the same plant group of canola seeds.
Coleseeds  essentially seem to contain less them, but expensive. It costs twice as much as Canola-oil.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

How about "chai"?

We call spiced tea "chai". Chai is Hindi.
I thought "chai" is very sweet.  However the other day an Indian woman served me "unsweetened" chai saying you prefer this unsweetened chai to "usual" chai.
It was very tasty.

I asked her what kinds of spice was mixed. She said "various".
And I got it, because she has  tea masala.
I found tea masala at a Indian food shop in Tokyo. The sign is Japanese, but it came from India.

I put milk into pan, and add tea leaves and this spice, and boiled it.
These days every one hour the temperature is different.
Just one hour ago, it was raining and very cold. Now we see the sun, so it's not so cold, probably will get warm, and about 4:30, suddenly it will get cold again.
In this season this chai is suitable.

The spices are ginger, black pepper, cardamon, cinnamon, nutmeg, laurel, valerian (probably it's difficult to get one at a supermarket), black cardamon ( it's also difficult to get one at a supermarket), clove leaf and clove.

I don't know the ratio of them, but -- when I use it up, I'll try to make one by myself.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Greek Yohgurt

Though I make homemade yoghurt, these three days we eat "Greek yoghurt" which we finally found at a little bit high-class supermarket.
Yuki got this information "Greek yoghurt works for pollen allergy".
"Yoghurt" is "Yoghurt", but the germ? fungus? yeast? (which is  right? ) is different.
I use  kefir fungus.
Greek yoghurt seems to use "ACA-DC0029" and to be made in a different way. So it's very thick.
According to the information, we have to continue to have it for three months to achieve an effect.
Well, well, three months later, pollen season will have gone.
Anyway searching new things are interesting.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A group exhibition

Yuki and I went to Tokyo to see a exhibition organized by my elder daughter and her friends & coworkers.

The work in the center is my daughter's.  Fortunately it was sold.
When I started this blog, she was a high school student, and actually she took art lesson after school, but did not express or decided which course she was going to go. All of them including her  thought she would chose a science course. However she decided to go to art college.
At that time we were worried about her future  thinking how she earned money.
After she graduate art college, she didn't work as a business woman. Luckily she got a job as an assistant as her art lab.
However the period of her assistant was finished. Now she has some lessons at some art school as a temporally teacher while she continues making something. This time it was a group exhibition. And this summer she is going to held her personal exhibition.
Anyway she gets by --even though we ( precisely Yuki) pay our cell phone fee because of a family contract form.
We can't say she "perfectly" become independent. Anyway she seems to pursue the way of an artist for a while.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

My old stamp book

Once upon a time---- yes, a long years ago, I used to collect stamps. I don't know why?  One reason is that my uncle used to work at post office, so he used to give me some commemorative stamps.

Now the book returns to me. I don't know the title I'd "stook book" .Not stamp, not stock.
At that time I was under 10.

As I have told you, I have continued disposing 15 things every week.
Of corse, disposeing means, recycling, using, giving, and throwing away.
I've started using the stamps. Today I applied for a prize using a post card and two stamps. 
So, I reused three things effectively.
The others of 15 things are worn baby clothes, and paper.

I did my weekend job, and I also made ore-cooked dishes for this coming week.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pollen allergy

Finally the word "pollen allergy" became a seasonable word.

To tell the truth in this season many people are wearing masks or glasses even though they are not short sighted. 
However, pollen seems to be very strong, or get stronger. Some people feel sluggish or have a fever. Actually around me two ladies went to see a doctor, and the symptoms are caused from pollen allergy. 

I take medicine and also apply them both sides of my nose and neck.

Pollen allergy became a seasonable word, it means we can use the word as a seasonable word on Haiku.

Pollen allergy 
Green glass buds spring up
Through the window glass

Though we see some green buds of  weedings  "unfortunately" I can't go out to he garden because of heavy pollen allergy.
So I just watch them through the window grass, and let them free to enjoy early spring.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I don't come up with anything!

Last week I finished all lesson in fiscal 2015.
We celebrated earlier Easter
with making deviled eggs,

with making colorful eggs,
And I also finished rearranged the entrance for April.

According to my schedule, I was going to be organizing the lesson room for 5 days.
So I took off at lesson for one week.
Now it's Wednesday. It's in the midst of my holiday.
I've already done all jobs.

So I have no plan this afternoon and tomorrow.
Anyway I have to the library to have a meeting at 5.
And today the final episode of my favorite dram goes on. I usually record the series of drama and on Sundays I watch it. However today I watch the final directly. It sounds fun.

Tomorrow -- I might go out to see a movie alone. It's not so bad.
Anyway I'll enjoy my "empty" day.
It's time to go out to the library.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Where are senior ladies? Why seinior men are here???

Today it's a day  for me to read English picture books at the library. I did it in the morning from 10:45 to 11:30.
This activity is not publicized, on the other hand  Sunday activity which is held on the third Sunday every second month is publicized. Because it is focused on kids (and their parents.)

The library wants to publicize this weekday event.  I denied.
Because if it was publicized, many babies and their mothers would come to listen to it.
It's not bad, but, I want to attract senior people.

I know it's difficult. "Picture books" sounds for kids, and "English" seems to make seniors difficult to attend it.

However I want to do it.

Today after the announcement in the library some kids and their mother came.
It's OK, and some ladies (not senior) came. It's OK.

However -- when I look around the library, the chairs were occupied by senior men who are dozing.
And  -- I noticed there were few senior ladies.

I know it's difficult for this activity to attract "men", but I believe some women must show interest to it. --- However, there were few senior women.

It was unexpected.

Anyway I want to attract senior people through English activities in the library, because it is cost-free.
If I can do it, it stimulates me to keep going to the library in the daytime just to communicate with others when I get one of seniors.

Monday, March 14, 2016

White day

Today, it is "White day". it is the day that men present something to women to show their thanks in return for "Valentine's Day".
It's a new (but I knew at the same time when I noticed "Valentine's day") custom in Japan.
Although it's not so popular at school, it's a kind of "husband's duty" at home or "senior's" duty at office. So I got this chocolate from Yuki and we shared it for this breakfast.

And of course we celebrate pre- white day yesterday.
To easy my chore we went to a mall nearby and bought some cooked-appetizer.
To surprised there were many people in front of cake shops--- probably to celebrate "white day".

This week I have no lessons, I have one-week spring vacation.
The first thing I did was to rearrange the room for the next term. I rewrote the roll books, or changed the materials for the next term.
So the first day of my spring vacation -- was doing chores.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

How did this happen?

On Sunday's such an article appears on the newspaper. It's fun. As you know we start to study English as a subject when we become hi the fifth grade at elementary school . However we have little chance to hear or see spoken English. So this article is fun.

I have a question. 
I know the answer of Q1 is How did this happen?

However many Japanese people must want to translate the Japanese in English "why did this  happen?"

What difference are there?

Well I've just finished cooking pre-cooked dishes for this coming week.
Yesterday I got lots of strawberries from my friend. So I made strawberry syrup. It will be mature in two weeks.

Friday, March 11, 2016

All lessons of this year has finished! -1-

This week was the final week of this fiscal year. We finished the lessons with crafts.
Little by little St. Patrick 's day is being recognized. I got this socks at a Qooker-yen shop.

So we made leprechaun craft.

When I visited my friend's house, I happend to meet this day. So she bought corn beef ?? To celebrate this day, of corse we wore something green. 
Though I don't remember it exactly , is it right to eat corn beef on the day?


Thursday, March 10, 2016

A cold day

It's a cold day, even though in March, even though such an article was on today's newspaper.
And today graduation ceremonies are hold at junior high schools. Some of my students graduate today. Congratulations!

We don't see horse tails yet, in my garden peasant's eyes are blooming silently.
Anyway the spring has started.
Today I'll go to a new nursery school just to attend a one-time helper.
It's not bad.
Have a nice day!

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

When we get good quality beef---

Here in Japan, beef is not so inexpensive, and domestic beef is expensive , especially Tochigi- beef. We live in Tochigi prefecture, one of our local product is Tochigibeef, the brand mane is not famous compared with Koube-gyu, however it is one of brand beef.

When we get one, to make use of the quality perfectly, I use a gadget. Or you can say to entertain eating, to make cook the simply , or to ease house chores.

I steamed them with this machine.

We grilled them without any oil on our dining table while we were eating them.
We ate them in a healthy cooking.
Today I'm going to be a one-day pianist.

Monday, March 07, 2016

Monday has started

Monday has started,yes, a new,week has started as usual. Today it's raining. So the laundry won't dry , but  pollen won't fly. Which is better for me?.

This weekend we went to a laundry shop with a coin to dry bedcovers, and bedpats. ( after washing them at home). I like dry them out in the sun, and I don't have a cloth dryer (it's not unusual). However in this season if I dried  bed covers or other things.  I would have trouble while I'm sleeping, so we went there.

Usually it costs 100 yen per 8 minutes, I put 3 coins n the machine, we call  such a place "coin laundry".

Sunday, March 06, 2016


Contrary to the weather forecast, it's sunny today. Yuki has already gone to play golf with a big smile.

I hope someone has tried to yesterday's quiz.

I have already put Hina dolls away, and put Easter goods on the shelf instead. March is for the Easter.

We are going to make colorful eggs, or cook something with eggs.

I have already done Sinday's job.

So, today I am going to attend Toast Masters' meeting, --- I have to complete my script. 
Have a nice Sunday!

Saturday, March 05, 2016

quiz time

Have your read these type of books?
It's fun for not only children but also adults especially who are not good at math!!


This is time for a quiz
How many combinations can you make using the numbers zero through nine?
The answer is hidden on this page.

Probably the answer is -----
I discussed it with my students.
A student asked me "Is it right to count up "2+1 = 3 " as a different equation from "1+2 = 3" ??
Another student asked me "Is it OK to use the number twice or three times? like "0+0="???
And another student asked me "Is it OK to use two figures number for sum like "1+9=10"???
what do you think of it?
What is your answer?? Anyway -- you have to find the answer on this page!!!

Friday, March 04, 2016

More than 5 million women are living in Japan???

According to this article, the number of men is 61,829,237, and the number of women is 66,280,310 -- of course in Japan.
I know women live longer than men,. Japanese average life expectancy of Japanese men is 80.50, and the one of Japanese lady is 86.83 in 2015.
However more than 5 million women are living now.
Yesterday it was Hina festival. Do you know this saying if you decorate Hina dolls for long time (I don't know the exact upper limit of the day to keep decorating them.) , your daughters won't be able to marriage.  So I have still one single daughter, so I have to put them away this weekend. Besides the number of ladies is higher.
I know in the current climate some parents don't spur their children to marry, and I don't either, on the other hand I heard that the reason why not to spur it is the marriage of the parents are not happy.
In this point, I don't agree. Of course we have had lots of quarrel and shared happy things with Yuki and me. So I usually recommend young people to get marry (not to have only a partner.) However just working somewhere doesn't seem to bring a chance of marriage.
Additionally according a survey of this official site,  in 2014 the number of boy's babies is 515533  and the number of girl's babies is 488006. I don't where the rate reverses.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Hina festival

Today, it's the day of Hina festival, or Girl's day, which is for celebrating growth of girls. ( not only girls of course, we can celebrate growth(?) of (senior) ladies.)
It's not a holiday, however many family with girls celebrates today with Sushi, cakes or something, and it's a good reason to eat two much sweets.
As usual I put my Hina-dolls on the shelf.

And -- for our breakfast I served kind of Sushi (but not sushi) to tell Yuki what it is today .
Contrary to this, I've never served something special on boys' day. Boy's day has another name, which is child's day. And it's a holiday. So we know it's a holiday, but I don't celebrate the day as boy's day because we have no boys.

Well, well, three years ago , we did YUINOU which means to exchange engagement presents in a customary ceremony. So I organized our Tatami room perfectly like this.

Happy Hina-Matsuri!!

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Busy day!

Yesterday's "cooking club" was finished with lots of fun.
It was a busy day.
I started to prepare for it  at 8:30. ( The club started at 10:30)

Yesterday's main was Shepherd's pie. Probably in England  lamb might be used. However According to Mary Poppins in the kitchen the remain of roast beef is used. Both of them are very expensive in Japan moreover it's difficult to get lamb at  a supermarket in Japan.
So according to the recipe of the book we used ground beef though they are also expensive.
The dish I prepared was too small to be used so, I used a big pan itself after use fried meat and onion with the pan.

The dessert was Apple Charlotte, -- I forgot to take the cooked one. You see pre-cooked one in the first photo.
We had a good time.
And --- in the evening.

The quiet evening had come again.
Anyway it's Wednesday, in the mid of this week.