Friday, March 11, 2016

All lessons of this year has finished! -1-

This week was the final week of this fiscal year. We finished the lessons with crafts.
Little by little St. Patrick 's day is being recognized. I got this socks at a Qooker-yen shop.

So we made leprechaun craft.

When I visited my friend's house, I happend to meet this day. So she bought corn beef ?? To celebrate this day, of corse we wore something green. 
Though I don't remember it exactly , is it right to eat corn beef on the day?



Rosa said...

Yes! Corned beef and cabbage (and potatoes). And drink green beer! :)

Helen said...

I'm actually not sure about corned beef and eating it on St Patrick's Day. My family was Canadian-Scottish, so we never celebrated St. Patrick's Day at all!

We never did any decorating for it either at home or at school. It's interesting that you are doing it here in Japan!

Mieko said...

Rosa Thanks for your comment. Well, what is "green beer"????? I "googled" it.
It seems to be beer colored green with green food coloring. I can't imagine that yellow beer turned into green easily with green food coloring. Is it right?

Mieko said...

Helen, thanks for your comment. What I know only on the surface is -- there are three groups in the U.K. the Englishman, the Irishman and the Scotsman. On the other hand as you know Japanese people like to accept any kinds of festivals to enjoy. So little by little St. Patrick's Day is getting familiar. And probably here in Japan people enjoy wearing something green and parade. we have caned-KONBEEF in Japan. Its origin seems to be cored beef, but completely different. Corned beef is -- probably a salted block of beef.

Rosa said...

Yes, it is simply beer with green food coloring added. All the pubs and bars serve it as a joke on St. Patrick's Day. :)

Canned corn beef is more like hash, I think. (It is good though and we can eat it with fried eggs for breakfast.) When beef is "corned" it does get salty, but a lot of the salt is removed when it's parboiled. It is so tasty! I only eat it once every few years, though.

Mieko said...

Rosa, thanks. Actually our canned corn beef is hash. I used to eat it often when I was a child, because at that time beef is really really expensive. I love "konbeefu" & potato croquettes .