Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Busy day!

Yesterday's "cooking club" was finished with lots of fun.
It was a busy day.
I started to prepare for it  at 8:30. ( The club started at 10:30)

Yesterday's main was Shepherd's pie. Probably in England  lamb might be used. However According to Mary Poppins in the kitchen the remain of roast beef is used. Both of them are very expensive in Japan moreover it's difficult to get lamb at  a supermarket in Japan.
So according to the recipe of the book we used ground beef though they are also expensive.
The dish I prepared was too small to be used so, I used a big pan itself after use fried meat and onion with the pan.

The dessert was Apple Charlotte, -- I forgot to take the cooked one. You see pre-cooked one in the first photo.
We had a good time.
And --- in the evening.

The quiet evening had come again.
Anyway it's Wednesday, in the mid of this week.

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