Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Greek Yohgurt

Though I make homemade yoghurt, these three days we eat "Greek yoghurt" which we finally found at a little bit high-class supermarket.
Yuki got this information "Greek yoghurt works for pollen allergy".
"Yoghurt" is "Yoghurt", but the germ? fungus? yeast? (which is  right? ) is different.
I use  kefir fungus.
Greek yoghurt seems to use "ACA-DC0029" and to be made in a different way. So it's very thick.
According to the information, we have to continue to have it for three months to achieve an effect.
Well, well, three months later, pollen season will have gone.
Anyway searching new things are interesting.


Rosa said...

It's bacteria that turns milk to yogurt. I have read that yogurt is good for allergies, but it seems a bit strange, doesn't it?

Mieko said...

OH, thanks. I learned "bacteria" is suitable.
These days in developed countries, people prefer having a too clean body to fight against inner bacteria, I heard.
Though it is an rational treatment, if you treated your allergy completely, you would go to Amazon, or some undeveloped countries. There you will be able to develop a tolerance for bacteria naturally. (However you must be affected other illness)
So every year in Japan different yogurt with different bacteria is introduced, however the people who are suffering from pollen allergy is increasing.