Thursday, March 03, 2016

Hina festival

Today, it's the day of Hina festival, or Girl's day, which is for celebrating growth of girls. ( not only girls of course, we can celebrate growth(?) of (senior) ladies.)
It's not a holiday, however many family with girls celebrates today with Sushi, cakes or something, and it's a good reason to eat two much sweets.
As usual I put my Hina-dolls on the shelf.

And -- for our breakfast I served kind of Sushi (but not sushi) to tell Yuki what it is today .
Contrary to this, I've never served something special on boys' day. Boy's day has another name, which is child's day. And it's a holiday. So we know it's a holiday, but I don't celebrate the day as boy's day because we have no boys.

Well, well, three years ago , we did YUINOU which means to exchange engagement presents in a customary ceremony. So I organized our Tatami room perfectly like this.

Happy Hina-Matsuri!!

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