Thursday, March 24, 2016

How about "chai"?

We call spiced tea "chai". Chai is Hindi.
I thought "chai" is very sweet.  However the other day an Indian woman served me "unsweetened" chai saying you prefer this unsweetened chai to "usual" chai.
It was very tasty.

I asked her what kinds of spice was mixed. She said "various".
And I got it, because she has  tea masala.
I found tea masala at a Indian food shop in Tokyo. The sign is Japanese, but it came from India.

I put milk into pan, and add tea leaves and this spice, and boiled it.
These days every one hour the temperature is different.
Just one hour ago, it was raining and very cold. Now we see the sun, so it's not so cold, probably will get warm, and about 4:30, suddenly it will get cold again.
In this season this chai is suitable.

The spices are ginger, black pepper, cardamon, cinnamon, nutmeg, laurel, valerian (probably it's difficult to get one at a supermarket), black cardamon ( it's also difficult to get one at a supermarket), clove leaf and clove.

I don't know the ratio of them, but -- when I use it up, I'll try to make one by myself.



Helen said...

I love chai, and don't like it very sweet either! I've made this recipe for chai a few times and quite liked it. If you read the comments too some people have good advice about making chai. Everyone is different, so I think it doesn't matter if yours is different than mine :-)

I should make it again. It has been a long time!

Mieko said...

Helen, thanks for showing the interesting site. It is cold in early spring of Yamagata. Chai is suitable, isn't it?
And I think these spices are efective,to my pollen allergy.
Do you suffer from pollen allergy?

Helen said...

I think I'm okay. When I was younger I had hay fever in summer, but I rarely have that problem here.

Chai is a nice and warming drink at this time of year.