Friday, March 04, 2016

More than 5 million women are living in Japan???

According to this article, the number of men is 61,829,237, and the number of women is 66,280,310 -- of course in Japan.
I know women live longer than men,. Japanese average life expectancy of Japanese men is 80.50, and the one of Japanese lady is 86.83 in 2015.
However more than 5 million women are living now.
Yesterday it was Hina festival. Do you know this saying if you decorate Hina dolls for long time (I don't know the exact upper limit of the day to keep decorating them.) , your daughters won't be able to marriage.  So I have still one single daughter, so I have to put them away this weekend. Besides the number of ladies is higher.
I know in the current climate some parents don't spur their children to marry, and I don't either, on the other hand I heard that the reason why not to spur it is the marriage of the parents are not happy.
In this point, I don't agree. Of course we have had lots of quarrel and shared happy things with Yuki and me. So I usually recommend young people to get marry (not to have only a partner.) However just working somewhere doesn't seem to bring a chance of marriage.
Additionally according a survey of this official site,  in 2014 the number of boy's babies is 515533  and the number of girl's babies is 488006. I don't where the rate reverses.


Rosa said...

That's interesting! Usually, the population of women is 51% and males 49%. Unless, like in China, there is some other reason.

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comment, Rosa.
Really, I heard though I don't know when the rate is reversed, anyway boy's babies are more than girl's babies--I heard. The reason is that boy's babies are weaker than girl's babies.