Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pollen allergy

Finally the word "pollen allergy" became a seasonable word.

To tell the truth in this season many people are wearing masks or glasses even though they are not short sighted. 
However, pollen seems to be very strong, or get stronger. Some people feel sluggish or have a fever. Actually around me two ladies went to see a doctor, and the symptoms are caused from pollen allergy. 

I take medicine and also apply them both sides of my nose and neck.

Pollen allergy became a seasonable word, it means we can use the word as a seasonable word on Haiku.

Pollen allergy 
Green glass buds spring up
Through the window glass

Though we see some green buds of  weedings  "unfortunately" I can't go out to he garden because of heavy pollen allergy.
So I just watch them through the window grass, and let them free to enjoy early spring.

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