Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The things they left

An Indian couple has gone back to India. They spent there in Utsunomiya for three months.
The couple and we (Yuki and I) become friends.  And I asked them to leave your goods ingredient instead of throwing them away.
And -- five kinds of lentils, kidney-beans,

spices including their garam masala, and black salt which smell sulfur

And Indian tea.

Oh, I almost forgot, special pickles she and her mother-in-law made. --- for YUKI!

So, I made lentil & potato soup with sour cream tasted by black salt, and fried pork with cumin seeds.

For a while I'll research Japanese & Indian foods!


Aman Kapila said...

Wow! You presented all this in such a wonderful manner.

Mieko said...

Hello Aman, you finally arrived there. How was the flight? Are all of your family fine?
Anyway we enjoying the things we took over.

Aman Kapila said...

Hi Meiko san,
It really took loooong to reach india. But if was good comfortable journey.
Everyone here was so happy to see us especially the baby.
I really felt happy when I came to know that you utilized the things in such a perfect manner.