Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Where are senior ladies? Why seinior men are here???

Today it's a day  for me to read English picture books at the library. I did it in the morning from 10:45 to 11:30.
This activity is not publicized, on the other hand  Sunday activity which is held on the third Sunday every second month is publicized. Because it is focused on kids (and their parents.)

The library wants to publicize this weekday event.  I denied.
Because if it was publicized, many babies and their mothers would come to listen to it.
It's not bad, but, I want to attract senior people.

I know it's difficult. "Picture books" sounds for kids, and "English" seems to make seniors difficult to attend it.

However I want to do it.

Today after the announcement in the library some kids and their mother came.
It's OK, and some ladies (not senior) came. It's OK.

However -- when I look around the library, the chairs were occupied by senior men who are dozing.
And  -- I noticed there were few senior ladies.

I know it's difficult for this activity to attract "men", but I believe some women must show interest to it. --- However, there were few senior women.

It was unexpected.

Anyway I want to attract senior people through English activities in the library, because it is cost-free.
If I can do it, it stimulates me to keep going to the library in the daytime just to communicate with others when I get one of seniors.

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