Monday, April 25, 2016

A lady came and went back to Nepal

This weekend, a lady came and stay with us.
Our house is not a hotel, just a usual house. So I did what I could do.
I cleaned the room and organized such goods for her.

I knew she is a vegetarian, though she didn't seem to be so strict. (If she were a strict vegetarian, she wouldn't have stayed with a stranger's house) 

She was  --- (when we met her and she was introduced to us, I knew this truth,)  Amila  Dari, who is a famous person in Nepal to support poor kids and Nepal ladies. However for us she is just a lady like me, though she is little bit older than us.
If you are interested in her activity, check this website.
She took 9 elementary school students who live in Nepal mountain areas. It means they are unfortunately all poor. I don't know whether they feel themselves poor. However these days most of kids around in the area finally could start going to school. The schools are supported by her group financial supported by FIDR organization supported mainly YAMZAKI-bread company in Japan.
And this time she took 9 elementary school students to Japan to show them developed country Japan.
All students got new clothes, bags, shoes, etc --- because this plan was supported by FIDR and MOFA.  It means this total budget of this plan cost more than 5milion yen.
They toured from OOSAK, KYOTO, TOKYO, and last come to Utsunomiya to experience home-staying.

She seemed to be very tired because ten-day touring with kids must be very hard.
She said "this night finally I would go to bed without worrying kids."
So she went to bed early. (We went out to eat nearby.)
Next morning I served branch, mainly vegetables.

And joined one family with Nepal kids.

We had a good and exciting weekend.

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