Wednesday, April 06, 2016

big success!

I was very very surprised! The event "one day English picture library " was finished with a big success.
In the morning, my students who are in elementary school (now they are in the spring vacation), two families with babies  and infants came.
So though it was a library it seemed to be a playing  room.  My students took care the small kids very well using "Akari's" toys.
In the afternoon two women, and the other two women with their kids who are in elementary school came. The women enjoyed tasting Turkish coffee and Indian chai, while kids were browsing English picture books and playing with "my English lesson tools".

And in the evening two women came.
Finally I spent a "nicety" time.

Well, well, I've always want to be called "Madam Mieko".  However "aunt Mieko" always suits to me.
Oh, this is a Japanese way of thinking. -- the difference between madam and aunt.
I hope you understand what I want to say.


Rosa said...

Congratulations, "Madame" Mieko! :D

Mieko said...

Thanks Madame Rosa.