Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How to cope with stress?

I found an interesting report in Japanese. Let me try to share the information.
Do you know your blood type? Jalnese people like to talk about our blood type, so probably sometimes,we ask or asked saying what is your blood type? Because we can guess our character from our blood type. Of course I don't know whether it's true or not. However, I think it is prone to be right.
The person whose blood type is A is usually diligent,and sensitive.
The person whose blood type is O is usually easygoing and optimistic.
The person whose blood type is B is usually seeking freedom, disliking group activities.
The person whose blood typdmAB has usually combined character with A And B, and sometimes they are considered unique (in good meaning and bad meaning).

Well well on the report the way to release stress is introduced according to blood type.

The people with blood o 
Their origin is hunting people. So to release stress, exercise is necessary.
They are optimistic ,so they try to do without contemplating .
They tend to act on instinct .

Exercising, and doing something actively are the suitable way to be against stress.

The people with B
The origin is nomad.
They are good at making network however they dislike to be binded. They keep their own way or own time.
So sleeping well or sometimes taking long sleep is necessary to release their stress.
Sleeping makes their inside clocks reset.

Well well I laughed at seeing this report.
My blood type is O. However I dislike exercise I'm not a outgoing person.
On the other hand I sometimes hear that if you try some things you dare not to do, you may encounter a new world and get more energy.
--- anyway I went to gym for exercise. 

And the other members of my family are all with B.
And three of them like sleeping, especially the younger daughter always say "I'm good at forgetting bad things through sleeping at night"

Are you interested in this report?



Rosa said...

I'm also Type O and I'm like you! I don't like to exercise and I'm an introvert. But maybe I should try to get more exercise if it will help with stress. Hmmmm.

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comment. I or we hope to do more exercise.
Are you introvert? Oh sounds pretty. Usually the order women are, the more extrovert, noisier or more talkative women are -- among women's world or in their family.