Saturday, April 30, 2016

Consecutive holidays have started.

From early morning the stoves were busy.

So our breakfast was very simple. 

However, we enjoyed some kinds of jam, such us unsweeten peanut butter, spicy jam, apple butter, and carrots jam.

I did pre-cooed dishes for three adults including me and Akari.
Usually the pre-cooked dishes are for me. I have lunch and dinner for myself on weekdays. It's troublesome to cook something for me, so I prepare pre-cook dishes on weekends. This time, probably I won't have enough time to cook dinner because we must go out somewhere in the daytime. 
So I prepared them for Yuki, our younger daughter M, Akari, and me.

I hope my condition will keep  good. To tell the truth, because of the daily change of temparcher I feel sluggish. Though I had slight fever this morning, now I don't seem to have it.
I applied my ordinal aroma oil to encourage me.

Well it's almost time to pick them up at the station.

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