Friday, April 22, 2016

Do you know pavlova?

This is an Australian picture book. In this book "three" traditional Australian sweets appear.
One is  --- not sweets,  vegemite, and the others are
pavlova and lamington. About pavolova it is also said the origin is in New Zealand.
I'd like to use this book for an event "Australian afternoon tea".
==== do you like Natto? vegemite is as well as natto, so usual native people like their traditional foods, but usually other people dislike them. It means I know vegemite and marmite.
Wandering the subject, when an New Zealand boy stayed with us for two weeks, he had tried having various Japanese foods, however he gave up to take rice as lunch to school. (He went to school for one week with lunch box) And he asked me to make simple "marmite sandwiches". At that time I knew marmite and vegemite. -- Unfortunately I couldn't accept the taste.
Anyway I can vegemite here.
And --- I can lamington in Tokyo, of course buying one is very expensive because it is sold at a bakery in Tokyo it's fresh sweet, so I can't buy one on the net. I need to go to Tokyo. so it costs high. However I know the taste, so it's OK to cook it by myself. And lamington is usually homemade sweet.
The problem was the last one, pavlova. I've never tasted it, though it doesn't seem to be difficult to make it by myself.
Finally here in Utsuomiya  at a new café they serve pavlova, and we can take it.
They are separated, so I have to combine them.

Usually pavlova has lots of fresh fruits -- according to the book.
So I put some frozen pineapple.

Now I see the light to open the event.
In addition, I wish some Australian would join the event.

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