Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My leisure time and cost

If you are British man (probably not only British, but also most not-stingy people), you might frown seeing the title. Cost???
Anyway let me proceed today's blog.
As I told you, this year the number of my students decreased. It means I have more leisure time, and I have less pocket money. When I re-started working, all money used to be used to educate my daughters, mainly clam school fee. Since they left home, the money I earn is used for visiting Tokyo (to meet my mother and my daughters) and for myself. These days something for my grand daughter is added on the list.
I know a homely adage, "no work, no pay". I've worked hard as a housewife, so it's not suitable for me --- however do you know such a saying "no work, no play".
So I need to readjust my leisure time. To readjust it, I decided to recognize how much I use for my leisure.
This week, I went to the movies by myself. Once a month I go to the movies to see a curious movie in a small theater.  This time I watched a Hungarian movie with subtitled. It was really interesting, because this movie was made on the base of a Japanese old story in "Nasu" area. Nasu is northern of Tochigi. So some of scenes are taken in Tochigi. And I heard some Japanese in the movie. 
The sad thing was --- it was not so famous, and in the morning for this week we can see in this small minor theater.
So --- there were only two audience including me. It cost 1000 yen. Additionally I need to pay 500 yen for a parking lot nearby. (They don't have a parking lot.)

On the way home, I dropped by a department store and bought some bottle of aroma oil.
And make ----

This is my ordinal deodorant which consists of sodium and some kinds of aroma.
It's getting hot, so I need shoe & sock deodorant for Yuki and other boys' students.
It cost 1750 yen.

Oh, I almost forgot. This Tuesday I went to do hot-yoga. It cost 300 yen.
So this week I spent 6250 yen for my leisure time.

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