Tuesday, April 12, 2016

recycled cards???

When my daughters were junior high school students and high school students, both of them belonged to a photo club. At that time they borrowed a usual camera ( it means they are not digital cameras) , and they developed the film by themselves at school. Of course the photos were black and white because developing color film was difficult at the point of budget and skills.

We(my daughters and I)  have already threw away lots of photos, but I kept some? many  photos.
What should I do?
Well, well, as I told you one of my weekly chores (not habits) is throwing 15 things away.

A idea came up
These photos are little bit bigger than usual photo size, and even the size of postcards. So I cut them into the same size of post cards.
So -- I try to recycle these photos as post cards.
To who, to which do I send these cards?

First I applied for a prize using "the" old stamps which I mentioned about in my previous diary.

Today I'll go to Karaku to play the piano. Have a good day!

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