Monday, April 04, 2016

This weekend

 Though it was a little bit earlier to see full of cherry blossoms, we (Yuki & I) went to see cherry blossoms in Hachiman-yam ( a kind of hill) park early morning. This year we were able to see cherry blossoms in April.
It is said for Japanese people the time seeing cherry blossoms is to pause and reflect on our lives.
Actually seeing this scenery always remains us our childhoods and the days with my daughters, and our guests.
We enjoyed just 10 minutes viewing there and (it was too cold to be there because it was before 7 o'clock in the early morning), had morning-set at a café. 

And we went to a concert.
Did you know that April 2 was the world autism awareness day.
So a concert was held in the center of the city.  Many listeners were families and those with disorder. My friend has been helping to organize these concerts for more than 10 years.

And I attended as a helper to Toastmaster's area concert held in Utsunomiya.
Our Utsuomiya Toastmaster's club was host.
4 Toastmaster clubs came from Nigata, Ashikaga, Sendai, and Gunma prefectures.
(Yuki played golf)

Busy weekend was finished.!
Tomorrow I'll open one-day English picture library at home.
I hope some people will come here!

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