Thursday, April 20, 2017


When and where did you participate in on boarding?

My onboarding was done --- 35 years ago, it was the time before the bubble. And it was very rare to hold an onboarding for lady engineers.

I learnt some business manners at Hotel Okura.
I used the word learn, but I don't remember what things I was taught and I got.
However I remember, I was very in high mode to go out on barding wearing a good suits and low-heal shoes. Additionally the suits and shoes were used for more than  30 years. I used them for my daughters ceremonies. About four years ago, I bought new good suit -- for ??? what? I forgot. Probably I attended a party wearing them. And at the same time I bought new low-heal black shoes.

wearing low-heal black shoes, mentally fresh , onboarding

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