Monday, July 31, 2017


Monday has started, and it is the last day in July.
Anyway my busy week was finished, and yesterday I did usual Sunday chores.
I discarded 10 things and cooked pre-cooked dishes for this week.

Potatoes and carrots are just steamed  ( I added SHIOKOUKI instead of sault)
And though I didn't take the photo, I boiled whole onions with soup stock.
They are very useful. This morning, I cooked quick cold soup with the carrots, the whole onion and milk. Perfect.
This is our breakfast.
Can you see carrots soup? and Can you see pudding?
It was really easy to cook. I was really surprised to know the recipe.
I'll share it.
Just need one egg and 200 ml vanilla ice cream.

After you melt the ice cream, just mix them.
And -- baked them in the oven , 180 Celsius about 10 minutes.


Friday, July 21, 2017

hot, humid, hot, humid -- it can't be helped because it's summer.

My favorite phrase to get a compliment is "OHSAREDANE", which means looks stylish. Of course it is out of question to say "delicious". Usually for women it is easy to say "it looks stylish". However for Yuki, it seems to be difficult, because he doesn't judge whether it looks stylish or not. BUT, when he looked this drink he said "looks stylish".
I laughed at healing it. Yes, it looks cool and stylish. I made tea syrup.
And I add it into carbonated water.

Because of the difference of specific gratify, it made two clear layers.
Yes, it looks cool and stylish.
However it's not so "delicious". Because if we don't stir it, the taste is bland.
So I made tea with carbonated water instead of cold water.
And this time I add ginger syrup which I found at a supermarket.

I am enjoying this summer with lots of drinks not only iced coffee.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

At the library

We had a three-day weekend.
And on the middle of the weekend, it was my voluntary reading day at the library.
I thought there might a small audience. However than I expected the reading place was full of kids and parents and adults. I was really happy.

Last March, one of the members whom I really relied on moved to Osaka.
However another member joined in.
--- but now she is ailing, the other member has to visit her parents on weekends.
So --- only  me?
Well, well, this time Yuki helped me.
Since Ah-chan was born, he has been good at playing with kids.
He seemed to be popular with boys.
And unexpectedly a lady who used to be a member came and also helped us.
It was a nice voluntary day.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Karaku in July

Whew! Humid and hot days have been continued. I feel a little bit discouraged by this weather. However anyway the performance at Karaku in this month finished with full of audience. Probably most people came to avoid this heat. After the performance we had a wonderful sweet set.

Whew --- !!!!
It is the last weekday.
This weekend, I have voluntary work at the library, and will visit my mother in Tokyo.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Season word 0713 sweet fermented rice drink "amazake"

Today's season word is "amazake!, sweet fermented rice drink.
It is a season word of summer in Haiku world. Now I know it. However when I learnt it, I was really surprised. AMAZAKE is usually drunk in winter and  HINA-festival.
Of course nowadays we see cold-amazake  in many supermarkets.

Before dinner, a glass of cold AMAZAKE, at the garden
rice cooker, making AMAZAKE, drench with sweat

PS, If some tell me how to say "TOBIBAKO WO 5DAN TOBU" in English --- from yesterday's diary.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How do you say TOBIBAKU ????

In today's students' news paper, TOBIBAKO bread was introduced.

There, TOBIBAKO is expressed vaulting box.
Probably many people know vaulting horse, however  I think TOBIBAKO is a little bit different from a vault.

This is the video of Guinness world record holder of TOBIBAKO

How do you say this action in English?
He can jump 28 boxes on the vault. Does it make sense?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


It's the second Tuesday on July, so it is the day for me to be a pianist. Fortunately it's cloudy, which means not so hot even though it's still humid. These are pre-cooked dishes for this week. However it's so humid that we have to eat them up by Wednesday.
Actually the two of third has gone.

And I also made rhubarb pie. the rhubarb was gotten on the day we went to pick up lavender.
Rhubarb is so sour, some people might not like it. However once we get used to the sour taste, it seems to be very delicious.
Yuki "loves" it.

Well, well, though I'm so embarrassed, I'll show you my rhubarb.
It's too thin to eat as pie. However It's enough to eat as garnish.

Monday, July 10, 2017


Monday has started with the heat and humidity.
It is real July.
For a month of June, a French college student joined in my high school lesson once a week.
It the last day we hold thanks & farewell party at --- OKONOIYAKI restaurant---
She had eaten OKONOMIYA (kind of vegetable pancake) but she hadn't eaten MONJYA yaki.
What is MONJYA -yaki ??

She seemed to become fond of it.
To tell the truth, I don't like it very much.

And, this time, unfortunately Yuki couldn't join us.
He "loves" this Okonomiyaki restaurant.

So probably the last week of July, we will go there --- because Ah-chan will come. if I'm not so tired. (before they come, I have to visit my mother in Tokyo)

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Seasonal words 0706 mosquito coil

Leave the door open , mosquito coil, smells like Grandma's house

When it gets summer, I always use mosquito coils. One is out at the entrance hall, and  tolet the wind get in, I always leave the door open.

When elementary school students come, they always say " it smells like my grandma's house". 
Nowadays, they live a modern house, or apartment house. So they seldom leave the door open and they also use air conditioner, so they usually keep the windows closed. So they seldom ever use these coils because they are too smokey.

And actually, now I am a real grandmother. 

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Preparation for today's meeting has started

Though it was raining early morning, it has just stopped. It seems to be a humid day again like yesterday.
Though one regular member won't be able to come,  four women will come to join my workshop today. One woman is just a visitor. 
Today's theme is "tanabata"

What is tanabata?
This site is easy to know it.

Now the oven is working.

I also prepared tea syrup.

This is an example I made with kids.

Monday, July 03, 2017

My mother's appetite has got back

Monday has started. And June has also started. Now I'm planning when I visit my mother.
Anyway, her appetite has got back. Or though she had said "I have no appetite", she might only have not eaten something special for her.

Anyway while she was here, she ate up the beef.

And she was really satisfied to have Chinese fried noodle (not rha-men) at a rich Chinese restaurant.

On the other hand, now I seem to suffer from not summer heat, from summer humid.
So I have little appetite, and now I'm having rice porridge.