Friday, July 21, 2017

hot, humid, hot, humid -- it can't be helped because it's summer.

My favorite phrase to get a compliment is "OHSAREDANE", which means looks stylish. Of course it is out of question to say "delicious". Usually for women it is easy to say "it looks stylish". However for Yuki, it seems to be difficult, because he doesn't judge whether it looks stylish or not. BUT, when he looked this drink he said "looks stylish".
I laughed at healing it. Yes, it looks cool and stylish. I made tea syrup.
And I add it into carbonated water.

Because of the difference of specific gratify, it made two clear layers.
Yes, it looks cool and stylish.
However it's not so "delicious". Because if we don't stir it, the taste is bland.
So I made tea with carbonated water instead of cold water.
And this time I add ginger syrup which I found at a supermarket.

I am enjoying this summer with lots of drinks not only iced coffee.

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