Thursday, July 06, 2017

Seasonal words 0706 mosquito coil

Leave the door open , mosquito coil, smells like Grandma's house

When it gets summer, I always use mosquito coils. One is out at the entrance hall, and  tolet the wind get in, I always leave the door open.

When elementary school students come, they always say " it smells like my grandma's house". 
Nowadays, they live a modern house, or apartment house. So they seldom leave the door open and they also use air conditioner, so they usually keep the windows closed. So they seldom ever use these coils because they are too smokey.

And actually, now I am a real grandmother. 


AikenJan said...

We used the coils while camping out in a tent. But, I first learned about them MANY years ago when I lived and worked in the "barrios" of Venezuela, so they have been around for a very long time. And probably smell the same! The smoke is what repeals the mosquitos. I am surprised you have them where you live. Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments, Jan. I'm also surprised you didn't know that we use them.
Additionally these days there are other smells, like lavender, or -- I forgot.

AikenJan said...

I should have been more specific. I'm surprised you have a mosquito problem where you live. Here, they are found near standing water or in more rural areas, not in the city so much. I would think maybe they would be more in the rice fields with all the water and vegetation?? Even with the environment of our garden and surrounding trees, we rarely see a mosquito. Perhaps the pesticides used to manage lawn fungus and diseases also help control mosquitos...and the rice fields are the same. Do you actually see mosquitos in your house or do you use coils as a preventive measure? Jan

Mieko said...

Of course there are a lots of mosquitos in my small garden, though they are Japanese mosquitos. When Yuki waters garden especially in the evening (on weekends), he always is bitten by mosquitos, even though he sprayed bug spray to him.
In many houses (even in the current modern houses), we use "electric mosquito repeller??" which has no smoke.
It is very humid even in cities.

And mosquito coils are considered to be one natural way ( or eco way) to prevent from mosquitos.