Tuesday, July 11, 2017


It's the second Tuesday on July, so it is the day for me to be a pianist. Fortunately it's cloudy, which means not so hot even though it's still humid. These are pre-cooked dishes for this week. However it's so humid that we have to eat them up by Wednesday.
Actually the two of third has gone.

And I also made rhubarb pie. the rhubarb was gotten on the day we went to pick up lavender.
Rhubarb is so sour, some people might not like it. However once we get used to the sour taste, it seems to be very delicious.
Yuki "loves" it.

Well, well, though I'm so embarrassed, I'll show you my rhubarb.
It's too thin to eat as pie. However It's enough to eat as garnish.


Helen said...

Ooh, where do you get rhubarb? I miss rhubarb a lot, can't find any up here.

I love rhubarb!

Mieko said...

Hello Helen. Probably you can find rhubarb jam at MICHINOEKI in Yamagata. These days a lot of MICHINOEKI in rural areas. However probably it might be difficult to find fresh stalk of rhubarb. If you find rhubarb jam produced by a farmer in Yamagata, you try to contact directly to the farmer. Actually I got these stalks from a farmer. She doesn't sell the stalks but she sells rhubarb jam at MICHINOEKI in Tochigi. Or you can buy stalks of Rhubarb from the internet(Rakuten, or others) ... a little bit expensive. http://rhubarb-shimada.jimdo.com/ this is in Fukhshima.